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The purpose of enterprise development is to create value and joy for customers!

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The development goal is: win-win cooperation with customers from all over the world!

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金澍公司 是一家致力于精密工业科技发展的企业,专业产品:气压分切刀架(气压刀架、气动刀架、压切式刀架、剪切式刀架 及精密刀组)分切圆刀、分条刀具、机械刀片、横切刀、裁切刀、精密刀具、精密模具、精密分切机械设备。

KINSHUO company is a manufacturing enterprise dedicated to the development of Precision Industrial Science and technology, specializing in the production of: air pressure cutting tool holder (air pressure tool holder, pneumatic tool holder, press cutting tool holder, shearing tool holder and precision tool group), cutting round knife, slitting tool, mechanical blade, cross cutting knife, cutting knife, precision tool, precision mold, precision cutting machinery and equipment products.


金澍产品主要是为各种材料进行加工、分切、分条、分段、修边、半断分切、波纹边压切、剪切、横切、切割、裁切 等工序提供刀架、刀片、刀具、刀锯、机械产品,标准型号规格齐全,现货供应。也可以根据不同使用条件,和客户要求,提供定制化生产。

KINSHUO products are mainly used for processing, slitting, slitting, sectioning, trimming, half cutting, corrugated edge cutting, cutting, crosscutting, cutting, cutting and other processes of various materials to provide tool holders, blades, cutters, saws and mechanical products, with complete standard models and specifications and spot supply. It can also provide customized production services according to different use conditions and customer requirements.



KINSHUO company has the ability of professional technology research and development, as well as the strength of precision product manufacturing. With integrity, we will cooperate with customers and friends from all over the world to win-win cooperation!

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